Grandma’s Bilharacos

My grandma cooks like an angel. When I was a child, I knew that even if I didn’t like certain dish, I was going to love it if she was the one who made it. Her way of cooking is effortless… Don’t misjudge me, she spends hours in the kitchen but she doesn’t need any … Continue reading

Hazelnut & Cacao Spread

It’s been a long time since I haven’t bought Nutella. As I have some self-control issues it’s better for me not to have this kind of temptations near me.  I have to choose between eating a whole Nutella jar and not eating at all. It seems like the second choice is the healthiest. However, I … Continue reading

Coconut & Cranberry Bites

During summer I found an amazing combination of flavors when I made this ice cream: coconut and berries. I found myself craving that same flavor but there’s no way I was making an ice cream. Once summer ends, I don’t enjoy ice creams at all, so I decided to make bite size energy balls inspired … Continue reading

Pumpkin Puree, essential for the season

My favorite season is here and I’m loving it! I love yellowish-brown colors, fresh weather, the smell of cinnamon, roasting fruits and vegies, cozy socks, comfy jammies, warm breakfasts, pumpkins and apples… Definitely, this is my season. Every recipe I’ve been thinking of lately involves pumpkin and I needed to load as much as possible … Continue reading

Raw or Roasted Almond Butter?

I know. I’m being a bit repetitive with nut butters, but I just discovered roasted almond butter! I also discovered that I love to roast nuts. The smell coming out from the oven while roasting almonds is fantastic! I wish my house could smell like that all the time! But is it possible? I guess … Continue reading

High Protein Cookie Dough Bites

This is what I call a balanced kinda lunch. These Cookie Dough Bites are all about chocolate chips, peanut butter and… Chickpeas! Don’t stop reading! The truth is that, when I found these bites in Erin’s blog (Texanerin Baking) I had to make sure that I understood the recipe and I checked the meaning of … Continue reading