Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

It’s been hard for me to find a good cinnamon roll recipe. Not just because of the recipe itself but because, once you find a good one, it isn’t as simple as it seems. Recently, my dad explained to me that the amount of flour used in recipes might vary because of differences between brands … Continue reading

Chocolate smoothie

Avocados have such a delicate timing. You have to constantly check on them because when it’s time to eat them, it’s time. That’s it. Last week I had two of them in their perfect moment. I used one for salad but with the other one… I wanted to indulge myself with it.   After making these … Continue reading

Pumpkin Puree, essential for the season

My favorite season is here and I’m loving it! I love yellowish-brown colors, fresh weather, the smell of cinnamon, roasting fruits and vegies, cozy socks, comfy jammies, warm breakfasts, pumpkins and apples… Definitely, this is my season. Every recipe I’ve been thinking of lately involves pumpkin and I needed to load as much as possible … Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

I have a huge weakness for spreadable stuff. Nut butters, Nutella, cream cheese, marmalades, Ovaltine spread, white chocolate spread… The thicker, the better! I just love to grab a spoon and eat without limits! Recently, I discovered Speculoos cookies, and better yet, Speculoos spread! I had an urge to try it and I got a … Continue reading

Raw or Roasted Almond Butter?

I know. I’m being a bit repetitive with nut butters, but I just discovered roasted almond butter! I also discovered that I love to roast nuts. The smell coming out from the oven while roasting almonds is fantastic! I wish my house could smell like that all the time! But is it possible? I guess … Continue reading

High Protein Cookie Dough Bites

This is what I call a balanced kinda lunch. These Cookie Dough Bites are all about chocolate chips, peanut butter and… Chickpeas! Don’t stop reading! The truth is that, when I found these bites in Erin’s blog (Texanerin Baking) I had to make sure that I understood the recipe and I checked the meaning of … Continue reading

Summer Summary

I don’t want to discourage you with this post but, even though some warm days have return, summer is almost over. I’m calling this: the end of summertime. In addition to summarize my favorite treats of the season, I wanted to announce that I have been adding the basic nutritional facts to all the recipes … Continue reading