About me

My name is Marianne and I am from Venezuela, but have moved further and further away from my home country. I first moved to Spain to get my Master’s Degree in Business Administration. I stayed there more than three years, working in Business Consultancy, until my husband and I recently moved to Luxembourg for a job opportunity of his.

My love for baking grows day by day. I suspect I might love baking so much because the smell of a cake coming out of the oven gives me a homey feeling… I’m bringing home back to me!

I’m pretty far from being a professional confectioner, but I love to spend hours (maybe too many) researching and looking for appealing recipes in blogs and books.

I also enjoy running. I’m not a fast runner but I try hard to have a constant routine and, as of today, I’ve accomplished two marathons and two half marathons.

Nowadays, I’m working on having a balanced and cleaner diet but I still bake sugary treats that are worth to “cheat” with every now and then. I will be sharing healthy and not so healthy recipes just to have more options according to the audience, occasion or your mood!

These diaries are meant to share my favorite kitchen experiences, both the successful and the unfortunate ones… because in real life the soufflé doesn’t always rise! Hopefully we can inspire each other by sharing our best recipes, tricks and –why not?– slipups in the kitchen ☺

Feel free to follow or contact me by email, Facebook or Instagram… I’ll be happy to receive and answer any comment, suggestion or question.




14 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello Marianne, your blog is simply lovely! I love your tagline, after all, we all have our slip ups…I just had one two days ago and shared it, but with a nice list of tips to make it a worthwhile read!
    Sophia 🙂

  2. Mari que buenooo esta tu blog!!! No me habia metido por la compu, solo te seguia por instagram, me encantan las recetas y las fotografias que montas son todas excelentes!! Hoy nos acordamos de ti, porque por primera vez hicimos un pan de jamon!!! Te acuerdas, como aquel que me hiciste para el babyshower de Clementina? jeje! Te felicito amiga, very proud of you!! Espero verte pronto!! Besos!! Carolina

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