Biscotti with Hazelnut & Chocolate Chips

There are two kinds of mistakes: The first kind are those from which we learn a lot, actually, more than from our successes. I hope I’m not the only one who doesn’t enjoy these mistakes. Is it possible to be happy for ones faults? Like… I feel great because I blew this up! No… Right? … Continue reading

Chocolate Mousse with a little surprise…

Recently, I have acknowledged my true feelings for avocados. A couple of years ago I thought little of them. I thought they felt greasy and they had no flavor… How could I? Shame on me! That’s a thing of the past. Today, I want to say to the all the avocados of the world: I … Continue reading

Classic Brownies – with or without nuts

Honestly, I don’t love brownies… I don’t know exactly why but they’re not my cup of tea. However, this is the kind of treats that I really want to be able to nail, so my future children, nephews and nieces love me for what I bake (yeah… If it depended on me, they would have … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter is one of those ingredients that I like to “treat” as a raw material. What I mean is, I prefer to eat the peanut butter directly from the jar than transform it into something else! However, I have made peanut butter cookies for the first time and they turned out to be very … Continue reading