Turrón (my own way)

I love Spanish traditional Christmas sweets. Polvorones and turrones have been my weakness during the past three years. However, I wanted to try to make my own turrón this year since I’m no longer living in Madrid. I’ve been reading a lot of recipes but they all have a lot of sugar. As my stomach … Continue reading

Pumpkin Spice Fudge Bread Pudding

I know… Pumpkin again. But we still have some pumpkin leftovers to get advantage of, right? I had some pumpkin puree and heavy cream in the fridge and old bread in the pantry. Hard as rock! This combination only led me to one direction: pumpkin bread pudding. This recipe is great to use whatever you … Continue reading

Grandma’s Bilharacos

My grandma cooks like an angel. When I was a child, I knew that even if I didn’t like certain dish, I was going to love it if she was the one who made it. Her way of cooking is effortless… Don’t misjudge me, she spends hours in the kitchen but she doesn’t need any … Continue reading

Coconut & Cranberry Bites

During summer I found an amazing combination of flavors when I made this ice cream: coconut and berries. I found myself craving that same flavor but there’s no way I was making an ice cream. Once summer ends, I don’t enjoy ice creams at all, so I decided to make bite size energy balls inspired … Continue reading

Christmas Chocolate Bites. Is it too early?

Chocolate bites for Christmas in August? It seems like a misunderstanding, but it isn’t. These bites are worth to be mentioned in this time of the year. As I’m still feeling a little tired for getting my life back on track, I have been looking for healthy but energy booster snacks. I found this recipe … Continue reading

Back to routine with Peach Crumble

In the past weeks I’ve been traveling around the Benelux area. My family in law came to Luxembourg to visit us and we decided to go for a cool-inary tour that involved beer, chocolate and waffles 🙂 As much as I love chocolate and simple carbohydrates my body knew it was about time to go … Continue reading

Blackberry Pavlova

Did you know that the Pavlova dessert was named after a Russian ballerina? I didn’t, but when I was making the meringue for the base of this dessert, it was clear to me… The whisk of my electric mixer looked like a ballerina dancing in the bowl full of pink meringue! Aside of my not-so-obvious … Continue reading