Chocolate Pancakes

Everyone is preparing the huge Christmas dinner, right? Menu planning, grocery shopping, decorating dinner table, selecting your outfit, cooking… And what about Christmas breakfast? It’s exhausting but fun! These pancakes are the perfect option for chocolate lovers… Guess which was my pancake topping? Again PB and banana! My favorite!   Chocolate Pancakes: 7 pancakes of … Continue reading

Chocolate smoothie

Avocados have such a delicate timing. You have to constantly check on them because when it’s time to eat them, it’s time. That’s it. Last week I had two of them in their perfect moment. I used one for salad but with the other one… I wanted to indulge myself with it.   After making these … Continue reading

Summer Summary

I don’t want to discourage you with this post but, even though some warm days have return, summer is almost over. I’m calling this: the end of summertime. In addition to summarize my favorite treats of the season, I wanted to announce that I have been adding the basic nutritional facts to all the recipes … Continue reading

Post workout smoothie

Why is it that our muscles get use to laziness so quickly and find such a hard time getting fit? Two weeks of not-much-workout are enough for my body to relax and believe that I’m not exercising ever again! Have you ever dreamed of running as hard as you can but your body is actually … Continue reading

Reconciliation with my oven: Tropical Bread

Some days ago, I decided that my break up with my oven couldn’t go on. This bread is my first step towards my reconciliation with him. Our relationship problems started in summer because, as my kitchen is integrated with my living room, the oven heated the whole space. I felt suffocated every time I turned … Continue reading

Cold-easy-cooking – Mode On

Even though I’ve been chilling with some days of less hot weather, I’m still in the cold-easy-cooking mode. My love for oatmeal  is pretty obvious and it has become bigger and bigger since I live in four-season weathers.  If I eat oatmeal in summer, I literaly start to sweat as soon as I taste the … Continue reading